Do you know the key to excelling in a job interview? Graduation season is coming! Fresh graduates are going to start job-hunting. The hiring manager will give you a lot of valuable information about this position. As the conversation is ending, they ask, “Do you have any questions for me?” It’s very important to ask questions because it gives you a chance to show your interest and give the HR a memorable final impression.

Here are some good questions you may ask:


  1. Are there any opportunities for the on-the-job training?

on-the-job training:If the company provides trainings, you can learn many new things and knowledge at work.  


  1. What’s the future development of the company?


  1. What personality does an employee need to have?

Personality: it shows whether you are a good fit to this company and its culture.


  1. When should I expect to know the decision?


  1. What challenges will I encounter in this position?


  1. Could you tell me about the team I’ll be working with?


  1. What’s the company’s expectation for this position?

Expectation: It tells you what your future path and job responsibilities are.


  1. Are there any skills I need to improve on or acquire for the job?