After landing, the next destination would probably be the hotel. Do you know how to talk to the staff so that they can understand your needs in English? How can you request room service? What if you want a maid to help to tidy up your room? This passage can surely help you by providing common requests in English.


  • Excuse me, is breakfast included in the room price?


  • When is the check-out time ?


  • Does the room have a Wi-Fi connection?


  • The light doesn’t work well in room 110.


  • I’d like to have a morning call at 6 am tomorrow morning.


  • Could you call a taxi/cab for me now?


  • I’d like to have my room cleaned every day.


  • I’d like to order room service.


  • Please bring me another pillow.


  • I’d like to check out. Can I pay my bill by credit card?


Enjoy your trip by making good use of the above sentences!


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