Whenever you are fortunate enough to be given an interview, obviously the right impression is the key to whether you get the job, or not.  So, with that consideration, the key is how can you, as the interviewee leave the best impression.  It is not only your level of English, but also your ability to use certain persuasion tools which will be discussed below.

Make sure you look tidy and well-groomed

One of the first things you do even before the interview is to make sure you look tidy and well-groomed.  This means getting up early, taking a shower, maybe putting on some perfume and wearing the best attire.  Your overall appearance, even before a single word escapes your lips, is extremely critical.  In the first few moments, the interviewer is making a calculation about how good or poor you are.  Though, this may be unfair, it is the simple fact of the job interview process and instead of focusing on the unfairness of it all, it would be better to concentrate on what you can do to make your interview the most impactful.

Review about the company you are going to

After you look all spiffy and excellent, you should review a bit about the company you are going to.  They may ask you questions about what you know about the company and you should know.  Common questions about the amount of employees and how many locations they have are very common.  Other questions may be about what they specialize in and more importantly about what you can provide to the company.  Other questions may be about any recent exploits of the organization and every time you mention things, it would give you a big boost as knowing about the company will provide you an edge over other candidates for the job.

Smile a lot and maintain eye contact with the interviewer

Once you get into the interview, you should sit down and smile a lot.  Make sure to maintain eye contact with the interviewer.  Evasive eyes usually send the message that you have something to hide so keep your eyes locked with the interview would be better. 


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Now the first thing you should say is,
“I’m sure you get a lot of applications.  Why did you choose to interview me?” 
This would immediately put you into a positive light because the interviewer needs to focus on why they chose you.  Then they would answer about how your resume was good and from that standing point, it’s pretty clear your chance of getting the job is much higher.

Answer the questions as honestly and positively as possible

During the interview, answer the questions as honestly as possible and also as positively as possible and always smile.  Keeping a positive mood and make sure to talk about good things.  This will leave the impression that you are a positive person because who wants to work with a negative person.


After the questions, make sure to thank the interviewer and say,
“It would be great to work for your organization.” 
This once again, puts the interviewer in a position to think that you are already a part of the team.

If you use these subtle linguistic techniques and language, you can almost guarantee yourself the job!


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