10 1, 2020

DSE Paper 4 : Best For Candidates! The most useful sentences in asking others’ opinions!

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Do you know how to pass DSE Paper 4 with flying colors? You should focus on interacting with other candidates, rather than giving your own speech during the speaking exam. Other than asking ‘Do you agree with me?’, there are tons of sentence structures that can help you with asking for others’ views. You can be more precise by using the below sentences when you want to understand others’ opinions.

28 10, 2019

IELTS Speaking Part 2: Common topics and frequently asked questions for candidates! (1)

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In IELTS speaking part 2, you will have 1 minute to prepare your speech. Then, you will give your speech for about 2 minutes. The speed of constructing ideas and linking of words are very important in this part. The way to ease your nervousness is by practicing, so that you can get used to this kind of questions! Let’s do some exercises by looking at the topics and common questions below!

23 10, 2019

IELTS Speaking Part 1 – The common questions candidates wish to know! (2)

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In the former article, topics concerning family, work/study and hobbies were introduced. In this article more common questions are ready for you to get yourself prepared! Try to use the below as practice and answer the questions to boost your confidence in oral speaking!

22 10, 2019

IELTS Speaking Part 1 : The common questions candidates wish to know! (1)

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IELTS Speaking is divided into three parts and part 1 is approximately 5 minutes. It is generally about family, study / work and hobbies of the candidate. Yet, it is never said to be easy. So, let’s prepare for the questions together!

9 10, 2019

Travel English: Essential English sentences for travelers! (Dining)

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If you are visiting a restaurant during your trip, you may need to make a reservation in advance. And in the restaurant, you need to order the food in English as well. Are you familiar with doing the above things in English? You don’t have to panic! This passage can help you with the lines that you need so that you can enjoy your food at that perfect moment!

7 10, 2019

Teacher’s Tips : How to win people’s heart in a job interview?

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Whenever you are fortunate enough to be given an interview, obviously the right impression is the key to whether you get the job, or not.  So, with that consideration, the key is how can you, as the interviewee leave the best impression.  It is not only your level of English, but also your ability to use certain persuasion tools which will be discussed below.

5 10, 2019

Travel English: Essential English sentences for travelers! (Accommodation)

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After landing, the next destination would probably be the hotel. Do you know how to talk to the staff so that they can understand your needs in English? How can you request room service? What if you want a maid to help to tidy up your room? This passage can surely help you by providing common requests in English.

3 10, 2019

Travel English : Essential English sentences for travelers! (Asking the way)

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It seems that Google Map can bring you anywhere you want. But, if the GPS isn’t working so accurately, you may get lost easily. So, you should learn to ask the way in English in advance. Not by body language, but to ask the pedestrians for the correct direction! Look at the tips below and mark them down for your next trip!

30 9, 2019

Travel English – Essential English sentences for travelers! (Photo-taking)

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No matter if you are enjoying your solo trip or traveling with family and friends, you may want to take a picture to record your travel moments! So, you may need to ask the pedestrians or other tourists for help. Do you know how to ask them to take photos in the way that you want in English? Check out the passage for useful Travel English that suits you!

27 9, 2019

Travel English : Essential English sentences for travelers! (For transportation)

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It is vital for you to learn Travel English for transportation, as you may not be driving around while you are traveling. So, what can you say to communicate with the drivers? How can you ask the pedestrians about related transportation methods? This article provides suitable English sentences that can help you to solve the above problems!

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