18 10, 2019

What does ‘forty winks’ refer to ?10 Idioms about sleeping that you must learn!(2)

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There are so many idioms about sleeping, and here are the 10 idioms that you must learn! How to wake someone up without saying ‘get up’? Is there idiom that can describe someone wake up and sleep early? What does it mean by getting up on the wrong side of the bed? If you have no clue about the answer to the above question, you can find them below!

16 10, 2019

What does ‘forty winks’ refer to ?10 Idioms about sleeping that you must learn! (1)

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Different people may get used to different kinds of sleeping habits, so the idioms about sleeping are of rick variety too! Do you know how to describe someone who is always moving around during sleep? What are forty winks? How to say someone is staying up all night for doing things? This article can definitely help!

14 5, 2019

實用英語:飲住學英文 ! 喺唔喺你杯茶先!?

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茶有好多種,不過唔喺個個都啱飲。呢個moment,無論你飲茶與否,都可以學返幾句有關嘅idioms,第日,不論你品你嘅茗,我飲我嘅珍奶,大家都知何謂a storm in a teacup、tea and sympathy同cup of tea等等,同茶有關嘅idioms。

9 5, 2019

實用英語:飲住學英文︰out of juice喺冇果汁?

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鍾意飲果汁嘅人好多,但又喺唔喺人人都知Juice呢個字嘅其他意思呢!?Juice idioms 其實有好多花款!tornado juice 喺一種新口味嘅果汁?juice something back 解果汁回來了?Juice up 喺解去飲果汁?今時今日,唔識佢地嘅意思真喺唔得!

7 5, 2019


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講起水,除咗一日飲八杯水之外,原來有唔少Idioms都關水事!A tall drink of water真喺水咁簡單?Be in hot water唔通喺浸溫泉?Dip a toe in the water喺要放腳趾落水?想知答案就快啲碌落去睇睇喇︰

21 1, 2019


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過新年,除咗去親友屋企拜年,同食過年糖果,不妨學返幾句同年字有關嘅Idioms啦!埋嚟睇睇,你會發現「long time no see」原來可以咁講!?「七年之癢」英文又可以點講? 就要入嚟望一望啦︰

10 12, 2018


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夏天不時打風,如果秋風起了,就可以去賞楓,生活同風適適相關,不妨學下有關wind嘅idiom!挫人銳氣英文點講?whistle in the wind喺微風中吹口哨?逆流而上英文喺咩?put the wind up someone 又喺點解?一齊嚟睇睇啦!

29 10, 2018


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20 8, 2018

4個有關人生境況嘅idioms/ proverbs

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【4個有關人生境況嘅idioms/ proverbs】 當朋友為將來沮喪時,應該如何安慰?有人「得個講字」,有人總是放馬後炮,有人就當局者迷;又點巧妙回應? 以下英文句子,勸人勸己都適用!   1.Cross that bridge when (one) comes to it 船到橋頭自然直 同中文嘅「船到橋頭自然直」有異曲同工之妙,意思都係有難關時不必過慮,到時候再想解決辦法。 e.g. Mary: John, shall we come up with a contingency plan? John: Don't worry, let's cross that bridge when we come to it. Mary: John,我們是否應想個應變計劃? John: 別擔心,船到橋頭自然直。 2.Actions speak louder than words 行動勝於空談/ 事實勝於雄辯 意即「起行」比「坐言」好;又可指事實勝於雄辯。 e.g. We know your ideas, [...]

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