Business idioms are quite tricky. If you know about the meaning, it is easy for you to understand, but if you don’t, it would be a mess for you to follow what your coworkers are talking about. Do you know what it means by ‘touch base’? Does ‘no-brainer’ refer to someone who is stupid? The passage below can surely ease your mind!


Smooth sailing: a situation that thing is easy and without problems

Customers are satisfied with our product and so it is smooth sailing now.


No-brainer: something so simple or obvious that you do not need to think much about it

Entering data is just a no-brainer.


Touch base: to talk briefly with someone

Please touch base with him to confirm the appointment time.


Upper hand: To have more power than anyone else and so have control

By selling the product at a lower price than that of our competitor, we gained the upper hand in the market share.


Cut-throat: not involving considering or worrying about any harm caused to others

The publishing industry is a cut-throat business.


To get full command of business idioms, not only should you learn the meaning of them, but also how to use them in daily conversation!


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