In Chinese, there is a saying that one’s personality is hard to change. Inborn personality is different in each person. You may encounter people with different personality even they are twins. In English, there are many idioms that can be used to describe a person.

Let’s learn the following 8 idioms about people’s personality!



1) Pain in the neck

An irritating, annoying person


That child is a real pain the neck. He breaks the vases at home whenever he kicks football.



2) A people person

An outgoing person who gets along with people really well and is a good listener


Dave tries hard, but he’s just not a people person.



3) Cold fish

Someone who has very little emotions, who is regarded as hard-heartened and unfeeling


The commissioner will soon be cold fish who considers the legal side but not the moral side.



4) Lone wolf

Someone who prefers his own company and does not like socializing


Rana is a lone wolf who always make others feel she is mysterious.



5) Moaning Minnie

A person who complains a lot about insignificant things


Hey Susan, stop being a moaning Minnie, try to see the good side of everything.



6) Happy camper

A person who is always happy and satisfied. It is often used in the negative


She’s just found out about the pay cut and she’s not a happy camper.



7) Smart cookie

Somebody who has got a strong personality or who is quite smart


He is a smart cookie, adjusting his songs to fit his audience.



8) Wet blanket

A person who ruins other people’s fun by staying pessimistic and complaining all the time


Don’t let Joseph come on our trip, he’s only going to be a wet blanket and take the fun out of everything.



Do you think you are similar with the above personality?