There are many idioms about food, for example the one we always hear is ‘the apple of my eye’. This means the person is adored by someone. Isn’t that fascinating?

Let’s learn 8 food idioms today!

1)Big cheese
The person who holds the most power in any situation

I thought I was just going to interview the secretary, but they let me talk to the big cheese!

2)Bread and butter
A job or activity that provides you with the money you need to live

Farming is my bread and butter right now.

3)Bring home the bacon
Supply material support like earn the income

My husband has had to bring home the bacon ever since I broke my leg.

4)Butter someone up
Be extra nice to someone

We have to butter Jenny up before we tell her the news about the broken vase.

5)Cool as a cucumber
Calm and relaxed

I thought I was afraid of flying, but I was cool as a cucumber all the way to England.

6)Cry over spilled milk
Regret about something that has already happened

The mirror is broken and we cannot fix it. There’s no need to cry over spilled milk.

7)Egg someone on
Urge someone to do something that is usually foolish

The gang tried to egg us on but we did not want to fight.

8)Full of beans
Have a lot of energy

The kids were full of beans after going to the Ocean Park.


Do you think these idioms are amazing? Jot them down and maybe one day you can use them too!