When we hear ‘Thank you’, we usually reply ‘you’re welcome!’. However, there are many other ways of saying this in English.

Let’s learn the following 8 sentences to reply to ‘Thank you!’

1)No problem/ No worries.
This is a causal reply, usually used in daily spoken english. For example, your friend asks you for a pen and she says thank you. In this case, you can reply with ‘no problem or no worries.’

2)It’s no big deal. 
This is also a casual reply. It can show that he or she did not create a lot of trouble for you.

3)No biggie.
This is the spoken slang version of ‘no big deal.’

4)It was nothing/ Not at all.
This sentence can show politeness. For example, you helped a lot but you said it was nothing.

5)Don’t mention it/ No need.
This is also a formal version of it’s no big deal.

6)Happy to help.
If the relationship of you two is not that close, you can say this.

When you say: ‘anytime’, you are offering to help when whenever needed it in the future.

8)It was the least I could do.
This is a humble reply. It is used in formal occasions like when talking to a senior in your work.


Remember the expressions above so you can say you’re welcome in man more ways!