We have taught all of you 8 personalities in English idioms before, do you know how to use them now? Were you able to find the idiom that best describes your personality? If not, let’s learn a few more idioms describing personalities below.


1. Rolling stone

A person who moves from place to place, job to is without staying anywhere long.


He was a bit of rolling stone before he married and settled down.


2. Rough diamond

Someone who seems impolite or is not well-educated but who has a kind heart and good character.


John is a rough diamond that he surprises all his colleagues.


3. Golden boy

A winning person that everyone is fond of.


He is the golden boy of Hollywood because he was the best actor in Oscar last year.


4. Slave driver

Someone who makes other people work really hard.


My boss is a real slave driver.


5. Tearaway

A person who behaves in a stupid or wild manner, and frequently gets into trouble.


He was a tearaway at school, everyone including teachers are scared of him.


6. Busybody

A person who expresses great interest in other’s private lives.


My neighbor is really a busybody. He always stares at our home through the window.


7. Scrooge

A miserable person who hates spending money.


The old man is really an old scrooge. He isn’t even willing to spend $40 for lunch.


8. Clock-watcher

Someone who has no interest on the current activity and keeps a close watch on the time.


We want to avoid clock-watchers and attract chefs with a real passion for cooking.



Memorize the above idioms and see whether they can help you describe the people near you!