Mid-autumn festival is coming! The Moon is always the main character of this festival. In the Chinese culture, we must have reunion dinners with our families then watch the moon. There are many English idioms about the moon.


Let’s learn the following 7 idioms about the moon!


1. Ask for the moon

make unreasonable demands


Please don’t ask for the moon. We are working on a tight budget.


2. Over the moon

To be delighted often about a specific thing


She was over the moon when she found out she won first prize in the lottery.


3. Once in a blue moon



She eats meat once in a blue moon because she does not really like it.


4. Promise somebody the moon

Overpromise what you can do


She promised them the moon but did not deliver on any of the deadlines.


5. Many moons ago

A long time ago


I went to Paris many moons ago, I’m sure it has changed since then.


6. The moon on a stick

To have everything you could want, usually things that are difficult to get


What more do you want from me? The moon on a stick?


7. And the moon is made of green cheese

When something appears unreal or unlikely


Jerry said he is going to work over the weekend. Yeah, and the moon is made of green cheese. I will believe it when I see it.



Try to think of these expressions the next time you see the moon.