In the last post, we talked about some common mistakes with prepositions. Have you made any of them? Today we will continue to look at more of these mistakes with prepositions!


1. discussion about something


We had a long discussion about politics.


2. discuss something


We’d better discuss your travel plan.


3. impressed with/by


I’m very impressed with/by your work.


4. interest/interested in


When did your interest in music begin?


5. interested to do/in doing something


I’m interested to see that they are selling books again.


6. kind to

The preposition after “kind” is “to” instead of “with”.


They have always been kind to me.


7. Lack

When “lack” is used as a verb, there is no preposition behind.


She just lacks a little confidence.


8. be lacking in


Your store is in lack of staff.