We usually say ‘I got hurt’ when we have injuries. However, others may not know how we hurt ourselves or how we form the wounds.


Therefore, let’s learn the English vocabulary of different injuries. In case we get hurt next time, we can describe them to others!


1. Scratch

To cut or damage your skin slightly with or on something sharp or rough


His left knee got scratched when he was coming out from the bush.


2. Scrape

To rub against a surface so that slight damage or an unpleasant noise is produced


Jackie fell over and scraped her knee on the pavement.


3. Sprain

To cause an injury to a joint by a sudden movement


She sprained her ankle play squash.


4. Fracture

A break or crack in something hard, especially a bone


He suffered multiple fractures in a motorcycle accident.


5. Dislocation 脫臼

An injury in which the ends of two connected bones separate


The accidental dislocation bothered the elderly woman.


6. Swelling

A part of your body that has become bigger because of illness or injury


Put your foot into cold water to help the swelling go down.


7. Blister

A painful swelling on the skin that contains liquid, caused usually by continuous rubbing especially on your foot or by burning


New shoes always give me blisters.


8. Bruise 瘀傷

An injury or mark where the skin has not been broken but is darker in colour, often as a result of being hit by something


His arm and back were covered in bruises.



Remember the above words. It might save your life!