Do you know how to pass DSE Paper 4 with flying colors? You should focus on interacting with other candidates, rather than giving your own speech during the speaking exam. Other than asking ‘Do you agree with me?’, there are tons of sentence structures that can help you with asking for others’ views. You can be more precise by using the below sentences when you want to understand others’ opinions.


How do you feel about the alternative ways to show respect to their parents through the methods we suggested?

What do you think about the feasibility of the improvement to the current system?

Do you have any views on the approach to enhance student’s emotional intelligence?

Would you go along with supporting the change in the age limit for getting a tattoo?

Don’t you think that young people tend to avoid social contact owing to social pressure brought by peers?


Next time, when you want to ask about others’ thoughts, the above sentences can surely do you a favor!


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