Is ‘increase’ the only word you write when stating an increasing trend? Do you wish to get rid of this situation? If you are aiming for the stars, you must be careful with every word choice. In order to impress the markers, this article will help you to learn more synonyms for the word ‘ increase’ !



The spending on Green Construction Methods by dragon peak has ascended to over 5 billion of HKD in 2015.



From the bar chart, the advertising revenue of Flatmates has been in a growing trend from January to March.



Based on the graph, the viewing figure of this programme had a tremendous rise from 1st January to 25th March.



Compared to other programmes in the same time slot, the advertising revenue of Flatmates has climbed significantly from about HKD 400,000 to HKD 800,000 within three months.



The view figure of the programme jumped from below 1.5 million to nearly 2.5 million.


Not only can you use these words in HKDSE paper 3, but they can also help you to gain higher language marks in other papers!


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