In IELTS speaking part 2, you will have 1 minute to prepare your speech. Then, you will give your speech for about 2 minutes. The speed of constructing ideas and linking of words are very important in this part. The way to ease your nervousness is by practicing, so that you can get used to this kind of questions! Let’s do some exercises by looking at the topics and common questions below!


  • Travel


Describe an unexpected event that happened during travel.


You should say: 

Where did you go travel

When was it happen

Who was there; and

Explain why it was expected.


  • Art


Describe a museum you recently visited.


You should say :

Where it is 

What kind of museum it is

What you saw there ; and

Explain why you like it.


  • Movie


Describe a movie you like.


You should say :

What kind of movie it is

What it is about 

When you first watch it ; and

Explain why you like the movie.


You may want to use them as practice! Don’t forget to read the next article!