Correct spelling is critical to get good score in IELTS exam, so you need to prepare yourself with the consciousness in checking your spelling. Before submitting the essay, proofreading is a vital part. There are three traps that you should be alert of when checking for spelling accuracy.

1) Spelling of the words changes with verb form

  • Benefit > beneficial
  • Pronounce > Pronunciation
  • Excess > Exceed
  • Success > Succeed
  • Influence > influential

2) Silent letters

  • Knowledge
  • Discipline 
  • Column
  • Environment 
  • Doubt

3) Confusing about single or double consonants

  • Disapoint (X) Disappoint (O) 
  • Recomend(X) Recommend(O) 
  • Profesor(X) Professor(O) 
  • Comit(X) Commit(O)  
  • Embaras (X) Embarrass(O) 


After reading the three common traps, remember to always remind yourself from falling into them.


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