No matter you are at work, school or in daily life, sometimes you may be too busy to handle things immediately. So, you need to ask others to wait for a moment. Without saying ‘wait a minute’, do you know other synonyms to replace that? In this passage, you can learn those phrases without waiting!

1) Hold on

Hold on! I need to finish this assignment before leaving.

2) Just wait until

Just wait until I’ve completed this presentation and then I will join you up in the party.

3) Hang on a minute

Hang on a minute! Why didn’t I notice about this?

4) Not so fast

Not so fast. The funding proposal is still under consideration by the committee.

5) All in good time

Don’t rush! You will reach that level all in good time.


With the above, you can now master the phrases in asking others to wait in different situations!


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