You may need to answer or make phone calls while working in the office. Do you know the common phrases used in phone calls? Don’t panic! All you need are the sentences that can help you to communicate with others over business deals. How should you start with when making a phone call? How to express your purpose of calling? Let’s look at the below!

Making the phone call

– Hello / Good morning / Good afternoon , this is _______ (your name) from _________ (company name).

– Hi, it’s is _______ (your name) from _________ (company name).


Taking the phone call

– Hello / Good morning / Good afternoon, _________ (company name), this is _______ (your name), how may I help you ?

– ___________ (company name / department name), ___________ (your name) speaking.


Calling for the specific person

– May I please speak to ______ (the specific person’s name).

– I would like to speak to __________(the specific person’s name) , please.


Expressing the purpose of calling

– Could you tell me …. ?

– I’m calling to discuss / clarify …


Keep it up and continue with the next passage to see how you should ask others to leave a message or repeat the information.


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