Collocation is a bit complicated as the combinations are grammatically correct, but the meaning can be very different. Native English speakers may understand the meaning, yet it is kind of strange to say it out. Why not check out from the below to see if the collocation you used is correct or not?


  • Wash Clothes/ do the laundry


How often do you                                               ?


  1. Wash clothes
  2. Do the laundry


Both are correct in terms of grammar, but B would be more common in this situation.


  • Take medicine / take drug


You need to                          , if you are sick.


  1. Take medicine
  2. Take drug


B usually refers to take drugs that may lead to addiction, while A refers to take things to cure the diseases.


  • Out of work / get off work


The manager                                             . You may find him tomorrow.


  1. Is out of work
  2. Has got off work


A refers to unemployment, while B refers to leave the office after working hours. So, B should be a more sensible answer than A in this case.


Just be careful of the common misuse in collocation! If you wish to know more about the common mistakes in English, you can click on to other related passages!