2-min English 兩分鐘英語 

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Hi there! I am Jesse, from Wall Street English.


Chinese and English are very different languages, especially their sound systems. And because of that, Hong Kong people may have particular difficulties with pronunciation and some words can be easily mispronounced.

Today, we are going to look into 5 sets of words which are commonly mispronounced by Hong Kong people and learn how they should be pronounced.


1. Bad vs bed

B a d, bad. B e d, bed.

e.g. I will never go to a cheap hotel anymore. Do you still remember that bed we had? It was really bad!


2. Colleague vs College

C O L L E A G U E, colleague. C O L L E G E, college.

e.g. Jamie isn’t just a colleague of mine! We actually studied in the same college and we graduated together.


3. Very vs “Vewy”

V E R Y, very.

e.g. Jamie is a very popular teacher – all his classes are always fully booked.


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4. Daughter vs Doctor

D A U G H T E R, daughter. D O C T O R, doctor.

e.g. Jamie’s daughter is studying hard to get into HKU and her dream is to become a doctor.


5. Name vs Lame

N A M E, name. L A M E, lame.

e.g. He offered a lame apology for making fun of his classmate’s name. 


Now, let’s review the words that we have gone through together.

Bad and bed. Colleague and college. Very and vewy. Daughter and doctor. Name and lame.


That’s all for today, see you next time!