The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work. Before, working from home was a privilege limited to very few people. Now it has been extended to most of us adhering to social distancing measures. It is believed that the “work from home” mode will be the new normal in the near future.


Let’s talk about some expressions related to this topic!


1)Work from home/at home

Most of time they are interchangeable, but with a minor difference:

  • Work from home:Office-based/short-term
  • Work at home:Freelance/home-base/long-term


I started working from home in March.


2)Work remotely

It refers to the scenario of working outside of office.

We’ve always been working remotely.

Remote team


3)Remote work tools

Working at home, you must use some of these remote work tools.

Video conference;

Screen sharing;

Cloud storage


4)Keep a professional appearance

Some people are too lazy to dress up at home. Unfortunately, you have to attend video conferences.


Be presentable;

Use filter


To be presentable, I turned on a filter.



Working from home has lots of benefits.


Better use of time;

Save commute time;



Of course, you have to be self-disciplined to keep productive.


Don’t get lazy/slack off.