A rich variety of vocabularies is one of the most important keys to get a 7 or higher grammar score in your IELTS writing. These useful verbs for describing the trends of charts can level up your part 1 writing! Learn them now!



Upward trend


  • Soar

The price soared in November.


  • Rocket

It rocketed to a high of 75%.


  • Leap

This figure leapt to 80,000 by the end of the period.


  • Climb

The number of televisions sold in 2010 climbed substantially.


  • Surge

It then surged to a high of 75,000 units.


Downward trend


  • Plummet

It then plummeted to a low of 20%.


  • Sink

After that it sank to 75%.


  • Slip back (For falls that come after rises)

It only slips back to 900 in May.


  • Dip

The number of female doctors dipped in the last decade.


  • Drop

This amount dropped by 30% in the third quarter of the year.


“Dip” and “drop” can also be used as nouns, like “a slight dip”, “a sudden drop”.


Remember to also change these verbs according to the time tense, for example, “sink > sank”, “drop > dropped”.