When your coworkers and clients get promoted or they are having remarkable working performance, put your jealousy aside and try to congratulate them! Do you know how to congratulate others in English? Let’s check it out below!


Promotion of your colleagues

  1. I just heard you got the senior manager job. Congratulations on the new position.
  2. Well done for getting promoted.

Excellent working performance

  1. Our boss just told me that you won the education award for our company. Let me congratulate you regarding your outstanding performance.
  2. You have made a great contribution to the presentation. Congratulations on getting this contract.

Promotion of your clients

  1. Let me congratulate you on getting the new manager position.
  2. Congratulations on your recent promotion.


Now, you can handle the ways to congratulate others in different situations, creating a harmonious environment in the office.


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