Last time we learned the different types of coffee drinks in English. This time, let’s take a look at the English phrases that help you to order ‘your cup of coffee’ accurately and quickly! Master the English related to coffee below!

Ordering coffee

  • “How are you doing? I’d like an iced Americano, please.”
  • “Can I get a medium caramel coffee for here?”
  • “Could I have a small latte to go?”
  • “Do you have any Decaf drinks?”

Common conversations

  • Anything else?
  • “No, thanks. That’s all.”
  • “Yes, I’d also like a small mocha.”
  • Are you paying with cash or credit card?
  • “Credit card, thanks.”

Keep practicing the above phrases! Next time when you want to make an order in a café, try to use these phrases!