In job interviews, people always use “I’m good at…” to introduce their strengths and abilities. Are there any other ways to say that?


Today, we are going to teach you 10 alternative ways to say, “I’m good at…”. Hope you will nail the job interview when you are asked about your strengths!



  • expert at/in

He is an expert at/in lung diseases.



  • have a talent for

He has a talent for music.



  • have a way with

 I have a way with people.



  • master of

 It is said that she is a master of negotiation.



  • be clever / great / adept at

 I am adept at maintaining a good relationship with customers.



  • be proficient in doing

 Mr. Lee is not proficient in diagnosis, let alone investigation.



  • have a good head for

He seems to have a good head for business.



  • be accomplished in

 He is accomplished in numerous arts.



  • shine at

 She shines at doing sports.



  • be an old hand at

 She is an old hand at persuading people.