When it comes to hair, we usually only describe it as long or short. However, there are many more adjectives to talk about hair, its shape and quality.


Let’s learn the following hair-related adjectives!



1. layered

Layered hair has been cut so that some top parts of the hair are shorter than the hair underneath


eg. She looks more stylish after having layered hair.



2. sleek

Smooth and shiny hair


eg. The celebrity in the ad has sleek hair.



3. frizzy

Very curly and not smooth or shiny


eg. Mary’s hair becomes frizzy after perming it many times.



4. blunt

Not having a sharp edge


eg. She looks so tidy in her blunt hair.



5. choppy

Cut at different lengths


eg. Her hair was cut in a choppy bob.



6. straightened

To become straight


eg. Her hair is naturally curly but she always straightens it.



7. textured

Mixed type of wavy hair


eg. She likes her textured hair a lot.



8. permed

It is different to curly or wavy because it emphasizes on the chemical process that makes your hair curly


eg. I am going to get my hair permed on Saturday!



There are many different styles of hair. We can use more vocabularies to describe hair next time!