From time to time people might make a mistake with the preposition they have chosen to use. Whilst English speakers will still understand what you are trying to say, being able to use the correct ones will make your English sound a lot more fluent and natural. In this section, we are going to be looking at some common mistakes you need to avoid in your IELTS writing and speaking tests.


1. Angry with/at


I am angry with her for lying to me.


2. Angry about/at


What are you so angry about?


3. Agree on

It refers to “a matter of decision”, which is defer from “agree to”.


Let’s try to agree on a date.


4. Belong in/on

It refers to “fit, have its place in/on”.


Those glasses belong on the top shelf.


5. Belong to

It means “be a member of”.


I belong to a local music club.


6. Depend/dependent on


Our schedule of the day depends on the weather.


7. Independent of


The charity is completely independent of government.


8. Divide into


The book is divided into three parts.