Pigs always give others’ an impression that they are lazy and fat. In Cantonese, we tease people by saying: you are as fat as a pig or if you continue eat, you will fat like a pig! Therefore, pigs are associated with fat, chubby etc, but actually there are many English idioms that related to pigs!


Let’s learn about what idioms are related to pigs!


1. Be as happy as a pig in mud

Very happy


Pigs like playing in mud a lot because it helps them dissipate heat. Therefore, this idiom can mean super happy.


eg. Hearing that her friend is getting married, Wendy is as happy as a pig in mud.


2. Buy a pig in a poke

To buy something without inspecting it thoroughly, often with negative consequences


eg. You should really quit the bad habit of buying a pig in a poke.


3. Drive (one’s) pigs to market

To snore


eg. I can’t get any sleep with Will driving his pigs to market every night.


4. Piggy bank

Coin containers usually used by children


eg. I can’t believe you smashed your piggy bank just to buy your girlfriend’s gift.


5. Pigs might fly

There is no chance at all of something happening


eg. If I have finished it by tomorrow, pigs might fly!


6. Pig out

Eating a large amount of food


eg. I pigged out on all the delicious cakes and pastries.


7. Make a pig of yourself

Eat sloppily and too much food


eg. They made complete pigs of themselves at the dinner.


8. Sweat like a pig

Sweat profusely


eg. We were all sweating like a pig after the race.



Wow! There are many idioms about pigs! Remember pigs do not only related to fat!