When someone has a suggestion that you don’t like, how would you express that? Would you directly say, ‘I don’t like it’? Or maybe you are invited to an event, but you don’t want to attend, would you refuse by saying ‘I don’t want to go’? To avoid expressing dislikes in a direct manner, you may try to use one of these 7 expressions!


1. I’m not much of a … person


I’m not much of a movie theater person. I prefer watching movies at home.


2. It’s not for me


Although hiking is a powerful cardio workout, it is not for me.


3. I’ll pass


A: Let’s go to a bar tonight!

B: Sorry but I’ll pass.


4. Not to my taste


Vietnamese cuisine is not to my taste. I prefer Thai food.


5. I’m sick of


I’m sick of eating out. Maybe we should cook tonight?


6. I’m not crazy about


A: Shall we go to the beach during the summer holiday?

B: I’m not crazy about that because I don’t know how to swim.


7. It doesn’t tickle my fancy


A: Do you want to go to that French restaurant that just opened nearby recently?

B: I don’t think so, French food doesn’t tickle my fancy.