Idioms help to enrich your vocabulary and allow you to express yourself vividly. So, do you know any idioms based on colors? Let’s learn some idioms including ‘blue’ and ‘green’ today!


1. Out of the blue


I had nearly given up hope when out of the blue I was nominated by the university as a student ambassador.


2. Once in a blue moon


Kelvin always fails his English tests. However, he scored 80 marks in the previous exam once in a blue moon.


3. Talk a blue streak


Jessica got home after a long vacation in Canada. She talks a blue streak to her family about her travel experiences even though it is already around midnight.


4. Give the green light


The employees were given the green light to start working on the new real estate project.


5. Green around the gills


Jessica suddenly looked green around the gills after lunch, so she got off work three hours earlier than usual.