Speaking of the differences between ‘will’ and ‘would’, most people will probably answer that ‘would’ is the past tense of ‘will’. Apart from that, we always use ‘would’ instead of ‘will’ in the following situations. Before we continue, can you think of any situations?


1. Use in conditional sentences


He would have won the champion if he had not been disqualified for the competition.


2. Use in reported speech


She said she would arrive at the party at 9 pm.


3. Express how much you like or prefer sth (Usually use after words such as ‘like’/’hate’/’prefer’)


I would love to exchange gifts for Christmas. That’s really interesting!


4. After the word ‘wish’


I wish I would have a meaningful life, instead of muddling through the days.


5. Use in imaginary situations


I would emigrate to South Korea if I spoke Korean.


6. Express the uncertainty on sth


I would say she is about 20 before you are telling me her age.


7. Use in repetition in the past


I would always make mistakes until I learned how to distinguish the words ‘will’ and ‘would’.


8. Express a polite request


Would you please pass the plate to me?