During the DSE English exam, you may need to share a difficulty, or how you overcome those difficulties. Avoid repeatedly using words like ‘difficult’/ ‘hard’/ ‘tough’, what are some vocabularies to replace them?


1. Arduous


It’s an arduous task and may cost a lot. Are you sure to continue working on it?


2. Onerous


He has decided to resign. It’s an onerous job to persuade him to stay at the company.


3. Knotty


Being an accountant, there is always a knotty problem that the trial balance is unequal.


4. Grueling


Competing against the world champion is definitely challenging. Still, he managed to win a victory after three grueling sets.


5. Hard going


Although this book is recommended to ages 12 to 14, it is hard going for adults to read.


6. Pain in the neck


Interviewing 30 candidates within a day will be a pain in the neck. Is it possible to reschedule some interviews to another day?