Talking about ‘permanent’ and ‘temporary’, you may immediately think of the other word. When taking the DSE exam, if you want to say that a solution has long-term or short-term effects, how can you describe it without using ‘permanent’ or ‘temporary’?


Replacing permanent:


1. Everlasting


He gives his wife the ring as a pledge of his everlasting love.


2. Immortal


The family precept will be the immortal words for his family and all his offspring.


3. Immutable


The Law of the Ladder is one of the immutable laws of Marketing.


4. Perpetual


Once you adopt a child, taking good care of him or her will be your perpetual responsibility.



Replacing temporary:


1. Provisional


The schedule is only provisional. You can always change the dates.


2. Ephemeral


They were catapulted to fame due to their new song. However, the success was ephemeral.


3. Transient


The weather is too cold and frigid, the hand warmer only has a transient warming effect.


4. Transitory


I hope this hot weather can be transitory, or otherwise, I should experience heat stroke frequently.