IELTS argumentative essay usually focuses on giving examples and data to prove the argument. However, when we have the examples or data, how can we show that? The followings are some phrases you may try to use!


1. To contend that


Air pollution is a serious environmental issue. Researchers contend that it is attributed to at least 9% of all deaths in the world.


2. The evidence establishes that


The evidence establishes that drinking lots of water can help regulate body temperature.


3. Make a case for sth


I do not believe that black pepper cures the epidemic unless you can make a case for it.


4. It can be testified


Blueberry can improve vision. It can be testified by vast amount of scientific evidence.


5. Based on substantiated data


Based on substantiated data, the majority of respondents prefer buying ingredients in street markets to supermarkets.


6. This is attested that


This is attested that almonds can enhance the quality of sleep, according to experts.


7. The fact is endorsed by


Dry cough and runny nose can both be a symptom of COVID-19. The fact is endorsed by the World Health Organization.