Hobby is one of the most popular topics in the IELTS exam. When the examiner asks you the reason why you like a certain hobby, you can only answer ‘because it is interesting’? Even if you are not ready to elaborate your answers, try not to use the word ‘interesting’ every time. Let’s take a look what are some synonyms!


1. Fascinating


I like visiting museums as it’s fascinating! I can know a country’s history and culture from different collections.


2. Absorbing


My hobby is reading. Recently, I read a novel and found it really absorbing.


3. Engrossing


My best interest is watching movies. Parasite is my best movie of all time as it is totally engrossing.


4. Intriguing


To me, skateboarding is the most intriguing sport even though it is risky.


5. Sth is my thing


Cooking is my thing! I enjoy creating delicious food and the joy when my family tries my dishes.


6. Riveting


In my free time, I always listen to the radio as the hosts have a lot of riveting stories to share.


7. Enthralling


Growing up in urban areas, I just had my first experience on a farm, and it was so enthralling.