In summer, when you are on the street, you will always hear people complaining about the weather being so hot. Well, except for “the weather is hot”, there are some alternative phrases to describe the hot weather!


1. I’m roasting


I’m roasting! Can we find a nearby coffee shop with air conditioning? I need something to keep myself cool.


2. I’m absolutely boiling


I was absolutely boiling yesterday! It was one of the hottest temperature days of the year.


3. It’s scorching hot


It’s scorching hot inside the house even though we have turned on the air conditioner.


4. Have a heatwave


We are having the longest heatwave recorded in Spain. Some experts believe it will last for another couple of weeks.


5. The weather is tropical


The weather is tropical! I prefer staying at home than going outside.


6. I’m going to have a heatstroke


Running under the sun for ten minutes has made me feel like I am going to have a heatstroke.


7. It’s burning outside


It’s burning outside! Are you sure that you are going swimming without protecting your skin with sunscreen?