Some people like reading articles about the 12 constellations as they believe they can reflect the personality traits of one person. Thus, people think that there are some common merits and demerits for each constellation. Still, can you explain these advantages and disadvantages in English?




1. Audacious


She is so audacious that she loves extreme sports especially mountain biking.


2. Tenacious


He is tenacious. He never gives up and insists on accomplishing a goal.




1. Placid


She stays calm in an emergency situation due to her parents have taught her to be placid since she was young.


2. Grounded


Be a grounded person who will not be easily affected by emotions.




1. Versatile


The artist is in versatile that he is not only a good actor, but also a talented singer.


2. Witty


He is a witty speaker. I am always amused by what he says.




1. Compassionate


The compassionate woman donates $5,000 every month to Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.


2. Gracious


The senior is gracious so every junior likes him very much.




1. Expansive


She is such a social butterfly who is expansive even there are many strangers.


2. Upright


The upright judge makes a fair decision that the player has gone against the rule.




1. Meticulous


The teacher is meticulous and careful. She cannot tolerate a little mistake.


2. Practical


Being a practical person, his working motivation is to earn a living.