Some people like reading articles about the 12 constellations as they believe those will reflect the personality traits of one person. Thus, they think that there are some common merits and behaviours for each constellation. Can you explain the advantages and disadvantages in English?




1. Diplomatic


I admire him for his diplomatic skills as he can contain a difficult situation without upsetting others.


2. Irenic


She is irenic who hates argument and competition.




1. Shrewd


Don’t be fooled by his looks. He is a shrewd businessman.


2. Determined


The leader is determined to lead his team to victory.




1. Light-hearted


Every time I see her, she seems like a child because of her light-hearted behaviors.


2. Philosophical


Try to be philosophical under difficult situations. Not everything will always go the way you wanted.




1. Prudent


She makes prudent decisions on every minor matter.


2. Decent


Avoid doing socially unacceptable things. Always remind yourself to be a decent person.




1. Inventive


The child is very inventive. He can think outside of the box and come up with creative ideas.


2. Humanitarian


The way these humanitarian volunteers are concerned for the public’s welfare is worth praising.




1. Selfless


The selfless teenager donates his allowance to the charity even though he could of use this money on himself.


2. Impressionable


She is so impressionable who just agrees and follows whatever others say.