When you are required to talk about impacts in the DSE English exam, do you always use keywords like serious impact/ serious problem/ serious situation? In addition to ‘serious’, you can try using this vocabulary!


1. Critical


The firefighter is in critical condition after helping bring a house fire under control.


2. Dire


Think carefully before making the decision. It will have dire consequences for the whole company.


3. Desperate


Being lost in a forest at night is a desperate situation. There is no light, no food, and no device to tell the direction.


4. Grievous


The influential musician’s death is a grievous loss to the whole music industry.


5. Pressing


Providing more affordable housing, a pressing need for people in Hong Kong, is unlikely to happen.


6. Disastrous


The flood has brought a disastrous impact on the crops, livestock, and other properties.


7. Beyond remedy


It’s too late to discover the problem and it has been beyond remedy.