In DSE English writing, students are always requested to give suggestions or recommendations. Sometimes, you may not know how to end a paragraph after explaining your suggestion. Here are 7 ways for a well-written paragraph!


1. Magic bullet


It is a magic bullet to the working overtime problem, also a cost-effective method.


2. Silver bullet


The approach is feasible as it is a silver bullet to this complicated issue.


3. Cure-all


The strategy is like a cure-all, which can be used under any circumstance.


4. Panacea


Although technology has improved our quality of life, it is not a panacea for all problems.


5. Antidote


Meditation is the best antidote to manage our stress and reduce negative emotions.


6. Quick fix


It could be a quick fix. However, it is not an effective way in the long run.


7. Nostrum


Some people believe it can successfully mitigate the problem. However, it is a nostrum for me.