No matter which English paper you are doing in the DSE exam, you can always see the words ‘problem’ and ‘difficulty’, especially in paper2. If you wish to stand out from other students, this is a great chance for you to learn these advanced vocabularies!


1. Predicament


Some organizations actively respond to the campaign by helping the disadvantaged groups out of their financial predicament.


2. Imbroglio


Although life is full of trouble, we should learn to stay positive when facing imbroglio.


3. Hardship


In times of economic hardship, many companies would choose to announce layoffs.


4. Hiccup


There is a slight hiccup in the communication with the other party, but everything is okay now.


5. Hitch


The website was temporarily offline for 30 minutes due to a technical hitch.


6. Complication


I will be off duty tomorrow. However, if any complications arise, please let me know by email.