We believe that you are getting familiar with the vocabulary of boats. However, how many idioms of boat do you know? What is the meaning of “burn your boats”? Let us introduce idioms that are related to ‘boat’ today.


1. be in the same boat


It’s hard to choose between lover and family. I know how exactly you feel as I am in the same boat too.


2. float one’s boat


It’s never easy to say goodbye, but I really hope that the next job will float your boat.


3. burn one’s boats


Quitting your job is like burning your boats. So, you should have an in-depth plan before resigning and opening to your own company.


4. rock the boat


Remember to stay calm and never rock the boat when you are travelling to another city.


5. when one’s ship comes in


When my ship comes in, I promise to buy you everything you ever wanted.