In the business world, effectiveness is vital. Therefore, we always communicate with others in abbreviations at the workplace. Now, let’s learn these ten workplace abbreviations together!


1. LMK

= Let me know


e.g., LMN if you have any questions.


2. WOM

= Word of mouth


e.g., We have to do better in the WOM marketing.


3. WFH

= Work from home


e.g., During the epidemic, we took turns to WFH to reduce social contacts.


4. TBD

= to be determined / to be decided


e.g., Number of applicants: TBD



= As soon as possible


e.g., Please reply to my email ASAP.


6. FYI

= For your information


e.g., FYI, Wall Street English provides interesting English information from time to time.


7. NRN

= No reply needed / no reply necessary


e.g., This is an automated email, NRN.


8. EOD

= End of the day


e.g., I will send you the details of the program by tomorrow EOD.



= Attention


e.g., Please send all the applications via email attn: Ken Wong


10. COB

= Close of business


e.g., Please let me know if you have any thoughts COB today.



Try to communicate effortlessly with your co-workers by using the above abbreviations and you will also be more professional!