We knew how to express our gratitude towards others. But do you know how to respond to others’ gratitude? Or what should we say when accepting apologies? Some say we could use “you’re welcome” or “never mind” in these situations. Notwithstanding, these two phrases are not appropriate in all situations. Sometimes, we need to use other ways of expressions.


1. It’s nothing.

This is a polite respond when someone has thanked you for something you have done.


A: It was so nice of you to help me with the house cleaning yesterday.

B: oh, it was nothing. I enjoyed it.


2. Don’t mention it.

Used to express that the apology is not necessary.


A: Thank you for the coffee this morning.

B: Don’t mention it.


3. My pleasure.

It means you are happy to help.


A: Thank you for doing the interview with us.

B: My pleasure.


4. Forget it. / No worries.

Used to tell someone when something is not important and not to worry about it.


A: I am so sorry for missing your messages.

B: Forget it. / No worries. I’ve got it done already.


5. Not at all.

Polite reply after someone has thanked you.


A: Thank you so much for your precious idea. We couldn’t have done it without your help.

B: Not at all. I am happy to help.


6. It’s not a big deal.

It means it is okay.


A: Thank you for lending me the power bank.

B: It’s not a big deal.



The above are the six expressions to replace “you’re welcome”. Pay attention to the different scenarios because these expressions are not applicable in all situations.