English is the major language of international businesses. It is crucial for us to learn the common expressions in the workplace that people use on a daily basis. To help you excel in your work, Wall Street English is going to teach you 10 of the common phrases.


1. Take over 接手

John will take over my job starting from next week.


2. Call off 取消

Due to the adverse market condition, we had to call off the merger plan.


3. Put off 延後

The meeting has been put off for a week.


4. Bring forward 提前

The meeting has been brought forward for a week, so we have a tight schedule right now.


5. Clock in / clock out 上班/下班打卡

We are supposed to clock in before 9:00 am.

He clocked out early yesterday.


6. Deal with 處理

How do you intend to deal with this problem?


7. Go over 仔細檢查

Remember to go over your report one more time before you hand it in to me.


8. Follow up 跟進

Today’s meeting is a follow-up to the one we had the week before.


9. Circle back 繞回來

We will circle back to discuss this issue.


10. Wrap up 結束

Let’s wrap up the meeting if there are no more questions.


Learn the above 10 common office expressions to communicate freely with your colleagues and boss!

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