Vocabulary plays an important role in getting high marks for your writing in DSE. But a lot of students are still using simple words such as, “very”, “worsen”, “huge” and fail to get top marks in the language part. To write 5** essays, learn the following high-level words.




1. Exacerbate

The additional cost brought by the plan will only exacerbate the problem.


2. Aggravate

Unhealthy lifestyle and lack of sleep could aggravate the situation and make it worse.


3. Add fuel to the fire

David’s complaint towards the HR department only added fuel to the fire.




1. Tremendous

His help has been tremendous to me over the past few months.


2. Prodigious

He has a prodigious appetite for drinks.




1. Extremely

She is extremely good at playing the piano.


2. Awfully

It has been an awfully long time since we last seen each other.


3. Dreadfully

He was dreadfully upset.




1. Impoverished

He was born in an impoverished family but he manages to bring about a change to his fortune after setting foot in the entertainment industry.


2. Underprivileged

The charity raises money for the underprivileged.




1. Reflect

The statistics reflect a change in the lifestyles of people.


2. Reveal

The results revealed the problems.


3. Shed light on

The discussion has shed some light on the problem.