In English, we often see some phrases with an “and” in between two words having similar meanings, like “more and more”, “hustle and bustle”. If you want to sound more native when speaking English, learn 10 more common phrases with Wall Street English!


1. Again and again 

I’ve told you again and again not to leave your socks on the sofa just like that!


2. Day and night 

The parents are very tired because they have to look after their baby day and night.


3. Heart and soul 

We always serve our customers with heart and soul and make sure they receive the best services.


4. Hustle and bustle 

I don’t like the hustle and bustle in the big cities.


5. Forgive and forget 

For the sake of peace, they decided to forgive and forget.


6. Fair and square 

No matter what the people said, we won the game fair and square.


7. Nuts and bolts

Now, let us go down the nuts and bolts of how we are going to execute that plan.


8. On and off 

I have been suffering from an on and off headache for the past few months.


9. Betwixt and between 

She is being very betwixt and between on whether to stay or leave.


10. Part and parcel

Occasional unemployment is a part and parcel of being an actor. .


These 10 phrases are really simple and easy to memorize. Learn to use them when speaking English to make it more fun and interesting!