“Laugh die me”, “LOL”, “siu4” are some popular internet slangs used by the youngsters. Do you know the proper ways to express “laugh die me”? Learn 6 English expressions to replace “laugh die me” with Wall Street English and speak native English!


1. Hilarious

If you want to respond to someone’s joke or actions, you may say “It’s hilarious!”

Oh my god! That’s hilarious!


2. Crack up

“Crack” means broken, “crack up” means something is so funny that makes you mentally ill.

I enjoy watching “Friends”. Every single episode cracks me up.


3. Dead / dying

“Dead” / “dying” means “died” in the word’s meaning. However, they may have different meanings on different occasions. When someone says “I’m dying / dead”, it means they are laugh to death.

Oh my god! Look at his face! I’m literally dead / dying!


4. Laugh (somebody’s) head off

It means something or someone is so funny that you burst out laughing like your head is falling off.

I laughed my head off when he was telling the joke.


5. Kill oneself laughing

It does not mean to kill somebody. It is used to emphasize that you laughed a lot because you think something or someone is extremely funny.

I told my friend about this and she killed herself laughing.


6. Laugh till you cry

You can guess the meaning by its words. It means something is so funny that you almost burst into tears because you laughed too hard.

I had so much fun watching the show last night. The comedian made me laugh till I cried.


The above are the 6 common expressions to say “laugh die me” in a native way. Do not say “laugh die me” or “LOL” when you speak with foreigners!


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