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Hello, I’m Penny from Wall Street English.

Today we’re going to learn about business idioms. Here are a few you might not know.


1. All hands on deck

This means everyone needs to work together on a project. We usually use this when there is a big important project that needs to be done quickly.


2. Back to the drawing board

This means back to the beginning. For example, if someone has been working on a project, but something goes wrong with the plan and you have to start again; we can say “it’s back to the drawing board”


3. Bring to the table

This means contribution. For example, if two companies want to merge, one side could ask “What can they bring to the table?” meaning ‘what can the other side contribute?’


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4. To put your ducks in a row

This means to organize and get everything ready. For example, “I can’t start doing that project until I’ve got all my ducks in a row”


5. 24/7 

This means 24 hours, 7 days of the week. This is used to describe things for example “that shop is open 24/7, you can go there anytime”


6. A ballpark figure

This is an inexact estimate or a guess. For example “how much is the house? Give me a ballpark figure”


That’s all for today! Thank you!